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Toys that connect with Hawaiʻi's keiki

When our first child was born, we set out to find developmentally appropriate toys that she could enjoy and learn from. Unfortunately, most commercially available toys are about plants and animals that our little one will rarely interact with. We wanted her to be excited about the natural world around her in Hawaiʻi, and so Pūkele Designs was born.

Our toys and activities are focused on educating and exposing our keiki to the unique native plants and animals of Hawaiʻi. We want them to know about ʻiwa instead of woodpeckers and even mongoose instead of squirels. 

We believe that toys should be special. When possible, they should be made with loving and caring hands — not by machines or factories across the ocean. We create our designs in-house, next to Pūkele Stream in Pālolo Valley on Oʻahu, and we handcraft most of the toys ourselves, sometimes with the help of local manufacturing companies.


Where Are We Located?

Website: www.pukeledesigns.com
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Pūkele Stream, Pālolo Valley
O'ahu, Hawaiʻi